Namibia Part Two

Namibia- Part Two



Whoever has experienced rain coming down in Namibia…has witnessed this powerful force…clouds moving in the sky, restless, dancing, gathering moving closer, closer to each other. The heat coming from earth, hot air waiting,  longing for rain. Trees, bushes, people, birds;  all waiting for rain. Then a moment of silence- time stands still for half a second- and finally it pours down. Rain in Namiba. I open up my arms, my chest, my heart- looking up the sky, my feet on the ground. Feeling it coming down on my, listening to its melody, falling on me, rain. Every living creature seems to sigh and sing…rain rain rain.


When I left the house this morning a guy walked beside me. He was singing some song he made up. He was all smiles and he sang “Sarafina, Sarafina”, I looked at him, I felt crumpy and wondered what the hell was going on with that guy. He just smiled and said: Sarafina- that`s my girlfriend. And he hold his dump up and I gave him a smile back and we went separate ways. He put a smile on my face. Sing, sing, because you are in love, because the sky looks promising. Laugh because it`s raining in Namibia. Can you smell the rain? This pure earthy scent, I wish I could make a perfume out of it. But you cannot capture it. It`s very rare…


So rain came this afternoon…


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve…and I making ends met in Namibia. I started 2016 in Namibia and I will end it here…and start a new year, a new chapter. It seems like I have never left this country. I was away, yes, but piece of me was here all the time. Coming back felt so natural. I am on a mission with my projects, but it is more than that. It`s about my life’s journey, it`s travelling and feeling my heart open to this landscape. Like I am part of the landscape. Trees, savanna, sand, desert, blue sky and the ever present sun.


I am so very grateful for my friends who welcomed me back in Namibia with open arms. On my second day I met with a dear friend again, and we talked the whole day…and went to a drumming circle in the evening. I felt so much alive as people were drumming around me and the sun went down, birds crossing the sky, my spirit went up in the air with the sound of drums…and I remembered; that`s my heart beating here, here in Namibia, where I learned, that music- music is heartbeat. It´s simple as that.


 Other friends of mine took me to the coast and we had a great time by the Atlantic Ocean. And just on the drive from looking at the landscape I fell in love with Namibia all over again. The trees, trees and thorn bushes who are strong survivors in this dry country. And the ocean, the wild ocean who is bigger than life.


Making ends met in Namibia, meeting old friends, people that never left my heart. Even thought there was an ocean between us. Listening to them, embracing them. I have never left you, you know?


Life goes in cycles and here on New Years in the rain this cycle will be complete and another one starts again.


Look at me I am still standing on my two feet here on this mother earth and that`s all that matters. One month ago life pushed me down and I stood up again. I learned how to breathe and how to surrender. And I am standing here in Namibia, Africa, in the rain. Holding my arms wide open my face lifted to the sky.

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